House Industries @ Vans

Invitation design that celebrates the potential collaboration of the design firm House Industries and Vans shoes.

The Process
Visual Inspiration
the process
Initial Sketching
Two houses on opposing coasts join forces to create a collaboration featuring their iconic designs in one piece. Celebrating their vintage aesthetics and expressive style. 

As a brand collaboration invitation staying true to both the aesthetics of Vans and House Industries was the most important factor when designing. The invitation was kept simple in terms of its fold complexity for easy readability. The accordion folds were intended to emulate the opening of a shoe box and the exciting reveal of a brand new pair of Vans featuring never before seen patterns. Each pattern was featured on the Vans Classic Slip-On for optimum visibility and presented on a postcard, as a takeaway for all that are invited. The RSVP is featured on the final fold and perforated to tear off and place in the corresponding envelope. 

initial sketches
visual inspiration

Both brands have similarities when it comes to their visual identities.
By keeping the colors and text treatments minimal it helped make the design true to both brands. Black, copper, and creme were the primary brand colors, while the actual shoe prints were foiled with both silver and gold as a lively accent. Staying true to House Industries design,
their typeface Neutraface was selected for its simple, geometric style
to contrast against the pairing of ITC Caslon Black, which is much
bolder and round. 

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