oh the places

Triptych poster series designed around the three countries I have been too.

The Process
the process
This series of posters was inspired by a color pencil triptych I completed while in my foundation studies. Each poster is based on the exploration of the cities I was able to visit before coming to SCAD.

When I think about my travels, specific colors and shapes come to mind. These visual elements represent how I felt in the city while also alluding to each cities uniqueness. Through the use of duotone imagery, I was able to recapture the moods for location.

The use of cut construction paper was used to represent my feelings towards the city. The final result is supposed to feel textural and handmade, as each represents a very personal experience. I was inspired by collage artists including Kurt Schwitters and Eric Carle
and their understanding of color, texture, and composition. 

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