Joy & a Half

A design identity created for a brownie
bakery concept.

the process
Joy and a Half is an imaginary brownie bakery, designed around the idea of being the first and only bakery that specializes in baking brownies.

Joy and a Half was created to bring people happiness and overall
joy through their love of chocolate. Joy and a Half was a saying my Grandmother would always say to me and my siblings while growing up, to express how happy she was to be with us. The overall feeling
of familiarity and comfort were key to designing the branding for
the bakery. 

initial sketches

The mark was indented to be simple in design but slightly playful in execution as a fraction mark. ITC Caslon was used for its bold curves
and is paired with Futura Medium for contrast, creating a uniquely comfortable pairing. A soft tint of brown and a deep espresso are the main colors used for Joy and a Half's identity, as seen in the logo and supplementary pattern designed to emulate a doily.

visual inspiration
related projects

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