Fashion and Textile Museum 

A brand identity re-design for the Fashion and Textile Museum in London, England

the process
The Fashion and Textile Museum located in London, England is the only museum solely dedicated to showcasing designers of the textile industry. 

Established in 2003, the Fashion and Textile Museum was born out
of a renovated warehouse and transformed into a modern and electric tourist attraction. The building was designed by Ricardo Legorreta,
a Mexican architect is known for his usage of bright colors and platonic geometric shapes. The Museum stands out in the city of London with its modern architecture and bright colors, which were
the ultimate inspiration for the Fashion and Textile Museum brand identity re-design.  

initial sketches
visual inspiration

The Fashion and Textile Museum re-design was inspired by its distinctive architecture. The new logo was inspired by Ricardo Legorreta's use of geometry. By using a bolder typeface, an interlocked logo was created
using similar shapes found in the design of the building. Creating an overall, bolder more modern design, that is much more fitting to the museum. The logo can also be used as a flexible container, that showcases the current exhibited designer, for example, Orla Kiely
or Liberty London

re-designed logo
current logo
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