citizen supply

Website re-alignment and re-design for Citizen Supply, an Atlanta based curated marketplace. 

the process
As a current resident of Atlanta, Georgia, I felt a personal connection to the selection of Citizen Supply website realignment. Located in the heart of Atlanta Citizen Supply is a Co-Op store located in Ponce City Market
and specializes in offering high-quality products, produced by small batch, local and sustainable brands.

Their current website lacks content, from actual products to the brands that they sell, making the website very singular, causing many pain points for its users including only being able to navigate using the 
main navigation, 
lack of products, and lack of product and maker
descriptions. These pain points helped establish goals for my design 
and its potential users. 


• Provide the user with the maker's individual stories through extensive
   product details including design process' and material quality and care.

• Quickly search or filter through products 

• Provide suggested content and makers
• Save products for later for easy re-ordering 

visual inspiration

To further the development of the website re-alignment, personas were created to validate different user experiences and the goals established for the re-alignment of Citizen Supply. 

After establishing Citizen Supply's ideal customer's and needs, I went on to develop style tiles to determine the overall visual tone and design direction for the website re-alignment. 

Once the style and layout was determined for the re-alignment, I moved on to creating high-fidelity comps for Citizen Supply's home page, new arrivals page , product details page to bring the entire vision together. This step allowed me to focus on designing around the twelve column grid and hammer our any challenges with hierarchy, typography and some UI patterns.

home page

The re-alignment of the Citizen Supply Home page was designed
to quickly cover key factors of the company including their mission statement, events, and how to become a part of the company; all while targeting the users with popular items and brands to inspire their shopping. 

new arrivals 

The re-alignment of the Citizen Supply New arrivals page was to solve their current problem of lack of content. Here the user has can view a variety of products based on their category and discover hand-selected new arrivals based on their likes and previous purchases.

product details

Finally, the Product details page was re-aligned to give the users much more in-depth information about the product from its composition to how to take care of it. the user also has the opportunity to learn about the maker and what makes them unique enough to be featured in Citizen Supply. Suggested pieces to complete the look, similar brands, and other shopping categories are suggested to avoid the singularity.

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